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    Where Will I Be From, is an audio video installation centering around the intersections of Generational Grief and Technology. For this project, I documented 100+ domestic locations connected to my family across the Great Plains. This photo documentation was then used to create photogrammetric renderings of these structures, documented in the open-source CAD software Blender. Together, these structures, separated by hundreds of miles, were digitally compiled to make one collective world.

      The aesthetic of this project connects the visual languages of Southern Gothic and Low-Poly Video games. Rooted in understanding the physical world as dying, the digital world serves as a space of resurrection. Using personal and private historical collections was conceptually critical to how I developed this world. Using obituaries, interviews with my grandmother, and land records, I could compile a list of locations to document. Through this project, create a narrative about generational grief set in the rural Plains that transcends personal experience, speaking to a more expansive cultural history.

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