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This is Pam eating ice cream


Artist Statement:

I was raised in the industrious rays of Midwest maternal labor practices. These practices endowed me with the inescapable responsibility of caring. My practice questions domestic histories by positioning personal generationally-learned labor as public political intervention.


This investigation of domestic sites mirrors my confusion about generational spaces and how I grew up within them--an exploration of how belonging can be found in the act of inventing.


Melissa Loney is an interdisciplinary, project-based artist from Omaha, NE (she/they, 1998) whose work questions domestic sites' imprint on intergenerational memory. Her interest in femme labor practices references her maternal grandmother's cake-baking business in an often-flooded basement in rural Iowa. This business enabled her grandmother to subvert financial abuse and secure an independent income. As a disabled artist, she explores the ability of digital fabrications to empower differently abled bodies.


She received her BA in Studio Art from Hastings College in 2020 and her MFA in Sculpture and Experiment Media Arts from the University of Arkansas. 

***:) Drink some water, please <3 :p ***

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